Udemy – Creación rentable de avatares de píxeles 3D NFT y METAVERSE


Descargar gratis el Curso Profitable 3D NFT and METAVERSE Pixel Avatar Creation de Udemy. Un excelente curso que pueden obtener totalmente gratis. Si el curso realmente les sirvió, apoyen al instructor comprando el curso como una manera de agradecimiento.

Acerca del Curso

Welcome to my 3D Pixel Avatar design course, the most valuable piece of crypto art, NFTs and METAVERSE!

We all know that pixel crypto arts are quite popular as NFT and METAVERSE characters or NFT, METAVERSE asssets. Pixel NFTs, which are worth millions of dollars, are incredibly high buyers. Although the reason for this is unknown to me, they draw attention to me because they are minimalist.

Pixel arts of the world with minimalist design can sell for millions of dollars when they find suitable buyers and of course have excellent design. We will use a very different and practical way to create millions of dollars worth of pixel arts as NFT and METAVERSE assets or Avatars. In this lesson, we will create 3D pixel Avatars and Assets using Blender 3D software with very practical methods.

Crypto, blockchain technology, NFT and METAVERSE is the bright and smiling face of the future. In addition, it has a brand new and strong income potential as it will be innovative and in need of development.

Among the NFT courses published on Udemy, the course that teaches 3D NFTs modeling with the free and open source software Blender!

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