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Descarga gratis el curso Ethical Hacking: Exploits de la plataforma de Lynda la actual LinkedIn. Un excelente curso que lo pueden obtener totalmente gratis. No olviden apoyar al instructor si es que el curso realmente les ayudó.


In addition to damaging and disabling computers, malware (malicious software) can compromise the security of stored data and can spread to other machines. To protect the integrity of networks and systems, penetration testers benefit from learning how malware works. In this course, cybersecurity expert Malcolm Shore discusses how to avoid being hacked or attacked by explaining the mechanics of malware and other exploits—harmful software that takes advantage of flaws. Malcolm shows how to test if your organization’s network is vulnerable, a crucial skill for IT security professionals. He also demonstrates how to use basic and advanced debugging tools by taking you through the uses for each.

Note: Learning about ethical hacking for exploits is part of the Malware competency from the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) body of knowledge.Topics include:

  • Writing assembler programs
  • Using debugging programs
  • Controlling flow
  • Executing code from the data section
  • Ethical attacking to identify vulnerabilities
  • State-sponsored attacks
  • Using Metasploit
  • Adding new exploits to Metasploit
  • Using Armitage

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Malcolm Shore

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